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This table is set up to provide space and tools to test all kinds of electronic devices, and to test and assemble computers. Be careful and don't do stupid shit. We still don't have seperate circut breaker for that line, so think twice before you decide to stuck nails into the power outlet.

IM2 0009.jpg
Basic table setup:
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with 16A fuse,
  • Typical ATX power supplier
  • Universal 12-19V power supplier
  • 12V 230W power supplier (made from ATX PSU)
  • Screen, keyboard, mouse
  • UTP patch panel connected to .lag network
Tools and materials
  • UTP crimper
  • Cable stripper
  • PH0,PH1,PZ2 screwdriver
  • "flat" screwdriver
  • hdd/motherboard atx screws
  • random connectors
  • pliers
Tools and materials needed
  • good, complete set of screwdrivers
  • more divers set of screws
  • multimeter
  • Add circut breaker!!!!!!!!!!111one
  • Clean up the table (KEEP THAT FUCKER CLEAN!)
  • Hang mother board casing on the wall (to be able to swap testing motherboards)
  • Prepare test beds (100% working components such as RAM,GFX card, MOBOs etc), label them and put into one of the drawers labeled Test beds
  • Fix cappucino - the small computer used to check manuals etc.
  • Possibly add second monitor hooked up to look up things on a working system