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GeFixed - Section dedicated to stuff people fix in the hacklab.

New Babylon Library - Connecting printed collections.

Create a Project

Projects can be added using the project form

Looking for tools or parts? Check the PartKeepr page for information.

Active projects

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
Digisound:Renovation Dreamer, Groente, Wot Soldering, Synthersizers, Wiring, Graphic design Electronics Use in other project
Etchings Dreamer Etching, Toner transfer, Pcb design Electronics Education
Gl.inet Webmind Basic linux Software World domination
LAGauge Webmind X Software Infrastructure
PTT-TE-400-1 Webmind Phones Other Infrastructure
Phoney Dreamer, Webmind Phones Other Infrastructure
Synthersizers X Electronics Fun


Projects needing parts

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
DelayDelayDelay Dreamer Audio, Electronics, Pcb-design Electronics Fun
EuroCrack Dreamer Solder, Synthersizers Electronics Fun
Mod64 Dreamer C64, Sid, Soldering, Case-mods Electronics Fun

Projects in planning

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
BinnenNet Networking, TCP/IP, Vlans, Routing Community Infrastructure
DIY laser cutter Other Fun
Interpret Networking Community Infrastructure
LAG ICT services Repairs, Upgrades, Consultation and Support Other Infrastructure
S2000 Dreamer Audio, Sampling, Midi, Ui-design Software Fun

Dormant projects

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
CREAM Box Dickreckard Electronics World domination
LAGAYAB Dreamer Knitting Mechanics Fun
SingingSewingSynthesizer Webmind Mathematics, Audio, Electronics, Mechanics Other Education

Finished projects

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
ButtonSpace Dreamer Pcb-design, Coding, Arduino Electronics Infrastructure