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You can add yourself to this list

What do you need to do to add yourself to this list?

Note, this is not an exhaustive list of the people involved with LAG.


Nick Url Projects
Dickreckard CREAM Box
Dreamer SpaceAPI:PCB-Map, EffectPedal, LAGAYAB, ButtonSpace, DelayDelayDelay, S2000, Etchings, Mod64, Digisound:Renovation, Phoney, EuroCrack
Fekete We
Groente Digisound:Renovation
Mpthx Blackhole, We
Webmind Gl.inet, SingingSewingSynthesizer, Phoney, PTT-TE-400-1, LAGauge
Wot Digisound:Renovation


(the above form does not work for me, so I will add myself manually, in the best anarchist / hackers way of "do-cracy" ;-)


We make attempts at organizing ourselves.

Here some potentially useful pages: