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LAG is a hacklab inhabited by an heterogeneity of people, tools and practices that question our relation to technology and our interaction with specific technologies.

Communication in LAG is highly valued, so we prefer that information is shared, but also that people talk to each other in an open and non-aggressive way. While sitting in a corner working on a project is not frowned upon, we do welcome people to interact with each other in the space and with new visitors.

Participants of the collective are expected to contribute, in the form of content, discussions, workshops or cool projects and where possible share in the costs for running the collective.

Visit us if you want to participate! We're open for all when the space is open on

  • Visit us at: Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam
  • Mail us at:
  • Follow our updates via:
  • Find us online at: irc://

LAG Does not mean:

  • Linux Anarchist Group