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LAG tries to host all kinds of activities ranging from workshops, hackathons, discussions, and socials.

Follow LAG events on Radar for upcoming events or check out the reoccurring activities organized in LAG.

Receive updates for events

If you want to receive spam from lag about news and events, you can subscribe to our news letter ( by sending an empty email (no subject neither) to If you find this newsletter useless and don't want to be part of it anymore, just send email to

Organise an event in LAG

  1. LAG? I check Texts_and_Pads and decide whether the event to be held is something that I would see in LAG.
  2. Is the date(s) chosen free?
    I check Radar and make sure there is space for the event!
  3. Do I have keys and understand the basic structure?
    If I don't have keys, I acquire them by borrowing or making sure that someone will come and open/close up.
    I make sure I've visited the lab and understood, for example, where tools are, how to project an image to a bigger screen, how the heater works or make sure someone will be around to assist should there be need!
  4. Is the event announced?
    Events are primarly announced on
    1. Radar
      Since February 2015 the new Radar is online and LAG is making use of their super cool iCal feed to announce our events.
      To post in LAG group on Radar I visit the group's page and follow the link to create a new event for the group. If I don't have publishing privileges, I can ask from someone else that does to approve the event for me.
    2. Posters and flyers
      I can make a poster/flyer and spread it in places in Amsterdam
    3. Announcement list of LAG
      This is a list to update those interested with activities and news that concern LAG.
      If I can't send an announcement email myself, I can use the email at contact so that someone else does it.
  5. Is the event (going to be) announced on Facebook? If yes, I go to 1. If no, I go to 6.
  6. If I have any questions I can use the available contact info \o/


I Saw You

Missed Connections is an attempt to bring ideas and helping hands together for activities in LAG. Awww!