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It's our computer at the bar. It's main usage is, play music. For that, besides playing via web, we use mpd. MPD plays music from kapsalons library (mounted over nfs). You can reach it with your fauvorite mpd client or http://music.lag (RompR web interface). It is also used as sink for pulseaudio (needs fixing) so that every machine (all platform machines) with pulseaudio installed can sink audio to LagBar (meaning you can transport audio from your computer to the bar sound system over the network).

Current features:


Runs as user: mpd Listens on: port 6600 RompR web-interface via http://music.lag/ (runs on


Runs as user: pulse Started from: /etc/rc.local Listens on: and port 4713 Note: this is a rather custom setup, but enables multi-process, multi-user mixed-audio without systemwide daemons