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Participants Dreamer
Skills Soldering, Coding, UI design, Audio
Status Dead
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun
The Axoloti will be used instead

The idea is to use the Pandora and it's I/O on the Ext-Connector in combination with an atmega328, buttons/knobs, and Character-display, to make a 'stompbox' effects-pedal using hardware inputs and software processing.


  • Pandora portable computer
  • Arduino mini-pro (communicating over UART)
  • ext-connector and breakout-board
  • Audio-plugs, buttons, knobs (pot-meter? rotary-encoder?), hd44780-display,


  • Puredata - (With some externals: comport, wiimote, iemmatrix, pdp?)
  • Jack2 (jack1 has alignment error-thingies) - Can get as low as 21.3msec latency.
  • Arduino-embedded code: https://codebender.cc/sketch:36411
  • Protocol to talk between Pd and controller (read buttons, send lcd-message)


  • Use Pandora touchscreen for direct control -> Kaospad-ish effects
  • Do video-processing as well (GEM, pdp) over the video-out for live visuals (GEM may not (yet) work on OpenGL ES2)
  • Next project -> replace Pandora with RasPi/CubieBoard, which to embed inside the stompbox

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