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Participants Dreamer, Groente, Wot
Skills soldering, synthesizers, wiring, graphic design
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Use in other project

The Modular Beast needs renovating!


  • photograph/document each module
  • draw basic schematics
  • more fixing of broken/old components
  • figure out extended modulation in/outputs
  • ..


  • Check all panels for obvious defects
  • Check all wiring
    • some components have been replaced or re-soldered
  • Redo power distribution
    • new power-lines running
    • most modules with breakout to accommodate easy cable pin-out.
  • ..


  • Cheet sheet with in/outputs explained
  • Directions/design on front-panels
  • Portability extensions (flightcaseify)
  • Summing Audio/CV Mixer[s] for m04r opti0ns
  • Output Adapter Patch Field (some 3,5/6,35mm mono/stereo sockets, maybe with passive attenuators)
  • Noise/S+H
  • another envelope
  • ..