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Skills Networking, TCP/IP, vlans, routing
Status Planning
Niche Community
Purpose Infrastructure

Since the spaghetti-network at Interference there was the plan to combine all the networks at the Binnenpret and share data/info/services on it.

This page is to document what needs to be done to organize and facilitate this plan.

Current situation

There are 3 internet connections:

  • Living-spaces + MKZ + Bolox
  • LAG
  • ..

What we want

  • At minimum: connect ALL the networks! o/
  • Ideally: get one massive internet connection for all of the binnenpret .. eventually
  • ..


  • Switches: there are a number of gbit switches available (working + broken). These need to be modified to be more quiet (ie. @ MKZ a loud whizzing switch is _not_ appreciated, so new or bigger fans with appropriate case-mod can be implemented instead).
  • Cables: there are already cables between LAG->MKZ and MKZ->Bollox. Another cable from Bollox->OCCII can be fitted?
  • AccessPoints: currently none, unless some Linksys routers can be re-appropriated.
  • Sensible layout and vlan structure
  • Documentation ..
  • ..